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Bookmark this page and use these links whenever you shop online.  These are websites in my affiliate network so by shopping through my site, you help support pet rescue because I dontate this money to the rescues I work with on a regular basis.  And it puts several popular shopping sites all in one spot for you. Save gas, save time, avoid the crowds and the hassle. Shopping online with these secure sites is the way to go!

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AeroGarden 3 Special Promotion
These things are awesome! They're easy to set up and look great, and really do work. Fresh herbs, greens, tomatoes, flowers, and more. I just love mine and think anyone who gets one will be super pleased. The selection of sizes, colors and things to grow will have you wanting more than one. They make great gifts, too.

They have everything. Everything. Really!

Animal Den - Gift Shop for Animal Lovers!

I originally came to this site for ferret-related stuff, but they have a really good selection of pet and wildlife items: Calendars, key chains, mugs, clothing and all kinds of other things for just about any critter you can imagine. An ideal site for gift giving or just for fun. And yes, I found plenty of ferret stuff.

Avian Publications - Bird Books and Videos

Whether you already have birds or are thinking of getting one, you'll find all everything you need to know in this "bookstore".

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Books, DVDs, text books, gift items and more. Become a member and get discounts and special offers. Shop online and avoid the frustration that comes with your local B & N not having the book you want.  Which seems to happen to me a lot for some reason.

Subscribe Now and get a FREE month
I can't say enough good things about this website. If you use skin care products and cosmetics, you need this site. Learn which products actually do what they're supposed to do and which ones aren't worth the hype or the money. I've saved the price of the membership several times over by making better choices. Whether you just want to know what products are "the best" or you want to learn details about specific brands or ingredients, you'll see this site is a wealth of information. Click Here for a Free Month of

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Anything and everything you need for cycling and other fitness activities.

Drs. Foster and Smith Inc.
Quality pet supplies for dogs, cats, ferrets, small animals, horses and fish plus supplies for outdoor ponds. I've been shopping with them for years and have always been satisfied. Their selection is great and the website itself is full of helpful articles and tips. 

Shop eBay and you may never go back to "normal" shopping.  It can be addicting!

Download 25 FREE songs at!
25 free downloads just for trying the service for one week is a great deal, and once you start playing around in eMusic's catalog, you'll probably want to sign up. If you only listen to Top 40 pop, then maybe you won't like it, but if your musical tastes are broad you will find more stuff on here than you even thought possible, and at much better prices than the other download services. Our radio stations around here are pretty lame, playing the same thing over and over, and through internet radio and eMusic, I've been able to discover the good stuff that's out there that isn't being played locally., Inc
Health, clothing and home items that are earth-friendly and good for you, too. Lots of supplies for yoga and Pilates. In addition to some clothes and fitness stuff, I've bought some of their recycled soda bottle rugs and they are awesome!

Shop Jeffers Equine Products Today!
Jeffers has not only horse supplies at bargain prices, but also pet and livestock items. You can access those sites from the horse site easily.

Free March of the Penguins DVD with Any Purchase!
A science and nature enthusiast's must-see site for unique products that help support the National Geographic Society. Another excellent resource for gifts.

Join the Ipsos Survey Panel
Take surveys and win prizes plus chances to try new products. It's fun and free, and you get to share your opinions with the companies that make the products you use everyday.

Paula's Choice Skin Care
The Paula's Choice product line was developed by the "Cosmetic Cop" Paula Begoun, who also runs the Beautiapedia website. This is one line of skin care you can count on. No outrageous claims or gimmicky ingredients. Just good products that really work. I've pretty much switched almost all of my skin care routine over to Paula's Choice and have seen a noticeable improvement in my skin. You can receive samples of just about everything so log in and give them a look.

Pets United is a network of 4 different websites with just about anything you might need for your pets.

For musicians who want to improve their improv! Download music tracks you can play along with no matter what your instrument. Cool.

Brand name shoes, clothing and accessories for running, walking and just hanging out. Get discounts and free shipping when you join one of their buyer programs, and be sure to shop their clearance section for the best deals anywhere.

Everything Sears has can be delivered right to your home. Get a much better selection because you shop online.

Sierra Trading Post
Clothing and more for outdoor fun and fitness.

one cent sale
If you're into gardening, you'll love to shop here for healthy plants shipped right to you. Planting and design guides help you create your dream garden, taking all the guesswork out of what should go where. USA, LLC
It's Walmart without the crowds and noise!  Get it on and have it shipped to your local Walmart store or right to you. They have a better selection than any individual Walmart out there, and you can often find better prices online. 

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